I’ve always loved the history, care and detail of artisan crafted objects and wanted to bring that level of quality to menswear in a more attainable way. Growing up in England and learning the ropes in London and around Savile Row, I developed a deep understanding of the quality and beauty of classically constructed shoes.

Following my heart to Australia in 2011, I noticed that there were a lot of young chaps developing a keen interest in clothing. Without a huge range of luxury footwear options available, I saw the perfect opportunity to establish my vision.

Over the past few years we’ve grown our offering organically; adding accessories and clothing into the mix, but always closely guarding our vision to make beautifully designed, high-quality menswear more accessible.

A lot of people spend their time trying to invent something new. I think innovation can be as simple as bring two pre-existing concepts together to give people a new perspective on something they haven’t previously ever thought about. 

I want to blend the best of my experiences and ideas to create things that make people think a bit differently.

This is just the beginning though. There is so much more I want to share. As we continue to evolve, I look forward to taking you on the journey with me.