The theatre of an evening at Entrecôte is a dining experience like no other; where live piano plays soundtrack to decadent dinners, the surprise and delight of francofiles enjoying every last detail from the tricolore flags in the King Louis XIV ‘boulettes’, to the caviar bumps, and an electric energy hums through the place like the ‘city of light’ itself.

A step into Entrecôte will have you ready to spend summer in style. And before your calendar is filled with engagements for the year, it’s the perfect time to make time for family and friends, indulge in rich fare made with love, and invest in intimate moments beneath chandelier light.

Matching the enchanting escape of this space, we’re wearing luxurious suede and intricately woven knits that are soft to the touch to inspire closeness. Relaxed tailoring designed to elevate the everyday, is crafted from natural wool, cashmere and linen fibres, made to measure.

At times like these, the idea of quality over quantity comes to mind, and the importance of the experience, beyond action. And as we settle in to the blue velvet, a familiar tune sounds through the dining room, inspiring us to be in the moment, and to have the dessert.

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