A Weekend Away - Mornington

Photography by Christian Kimber / Video by Alexander Naughton / Model - Sam Wines

April 14th 2022


The purr of the flat-six echoes through the contorted river gums and dense foliage. This landscape is one we know by heart. As we climb the winding trail, earth and eucalyptus becomes sparse, the trees further apart, and the sky opens over the road ahead. The sun strikes every corner, a sea breeze filling the cabin. Ahead, a view of Melbourne - our Home. But we’ll go further. The coast isn’t far, now.

Out onto the bay, leaving the whistling masts at the dock, only followed by a choir of laughing gulls. The ochre cliff faces meet lapping waves, and we stray further from the comfort of the shore. A rich amber begins to envelope the sky and the sea, mirroring the change in season. There is time for one more swim, one more before the dark. Stillness swallows us, a waning sun on the horizon.

Drawing from the splendour of the Mornington Peninsula, Christian Kimber’s latest collection is at one with the modern Australian lifestyle.

The collection’s palette is reminiscent of the landscape we hold so dear, a contrast of deep navy and teal against ivory, burnt ochre and sand. Each piece allows for movement and modularity, incorporating relaxed silhouettes that assimilate perfectly into a layered set, though equally capable of holding space of their own.

Distinctions in texture encourage tactility; supple suede contrasting linen and coarse cotton knits. Utilitarian vests and field jackets, resistant to rain and lined with jersey, are refined to suit city to country ventures, as we abandon isolation to rediscover our natural wonders.

Suede Vest - Arriving May

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