Down on the French Riviera, we take summer’s key trend for a spin


Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Associate Editor, MR PORTER

Photography by Mr Clement Jolin

Seventies porno chic.” This is actor Mr Guillaume Dolmans’ three-word assessment of the results of MR PORTER’s latest photoshoot, which took place last month in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. To what do we owe this colourful description? The clothes – a selection of knitted polo shirts, thigh-grazing swim shorts, retro-tinged sunglassessuits and suede jackets – can certainly be held accountable for two-thirds of it, specifically “1970s” and “chic”. As for the other third, that surely owes a great deal to his impressive Mr Burt Reynolds-esque moustache.


For example, for the swimming trunks we buy a special microfiber from Japan, which is considered to be the best on the market. Nobody uses microfiber for swimwear, everybody uses nylon. But nylon retains a lot of water and takes a very long time to dry. The reason why nobody uses microfiber resides in the printing. Printing the microfiber is very expensive and complicated. The microfiber cannot be printed directly, since the material is not stable. Therefore the print is made on paper and then transferred to the microfiber. Using the microfiber gives a better hand and a lighter weight, and a high performing swim trunk that dries in just a few minutes.




Jordan Mckenny - Melbourne
Glen Allsop - New York
Christopher - New YorK