Tailoring Lookbook 14th September 2023

Australian dressing has long been characterised by its laid-back and casual style. However, as fashion evolves and Australian men seek to better balance comfort and style, our made-to-measure offering is focused on beautifully crafted garments to suit your lifestyle.

From lightweight linens perfect for the Australian summer to cozy wools and cashmere for cooler months, we offer a diverse range of fabrics, all chosen with the unique Australian climate in mind.

While our made-to-measure pieces are created for modern life, they are made by artisans who draw on traditional techniques and craftsmanship perfected over generations.

This fusion of tradition and innovation is what makes our made-to-measure pieces stand out and stand the rest of time.

The process involves two separate tailoring workshops to create each garment and the expert team works closely with our tailors in both Tuscany and Porto to meticulously handcraft each piece.

So whether you need the perfect suit for a special occasion or want to reimagine a vintage favourite, our made-to-measure offering is designed to bring your dream garments to life.