Cody Simpson in Christian Kimber

Cody Simpson in Christian Kimber

Jan 29, 2022Christian Kimber

Christian Kimber in Cody Simpson

Australia’s very own wunderkind, Cody Simpson is a talent to be reckoned with. Simpson’s musical career has spanned over a decade, a time through which he has established himself as enduring talent across multiple genres. Conquering the stage wasn’t enough however, and Simpson has reclaimed his position as one of Australia’s most formidable swimmers.

A childhood passion for swimming quickly morphed into something more - Simpson is now training for the 2024 Paris Olympic trials, all while recording new music. His latest single, Nice to Meet You, is a return to roots, a guitar-lead triumph that nods to Simpson’s love of folk, country, and acoustic rock

The Queensland native’s creative influences all cross paths in the music video for Nice to Meet You, directed by Simpson himself, and shot on his home turf, the Gold Coast. Another integral inspiration for the young artist is Elvis Presley, especially in his revival of the icon’s signature crisp yet masculine style. To match the stunning shores, Simpson opted for understated, classic cuts from homegrown labels - including Christian Kimber’s Short Sleeve Chevron Knit Polo.

Hand knitted in Italy, the chevron knit polo is an ode to a by-gone era. The enduring charm of 50s and 60s-style polos is complemented by a chevron knit pattern here, right at home on the Australian seaside. Styled by Grant Pearce, the polo was selected to showcase all of this in understated elegance.


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