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Australians have never been big on formality for formalities sake. We're about craftsmanship and a more relaxed sense of style. Contact us for a personal styling appointment or for more information.

Our occasionwear encapsulates our devotion to quality craftsmanship and meticulous detail. We work with the finest artisans in Italy to create shirting, tailoring and overcoats that are made to measure. We offer a selection of the finest Italian fabrics including linen, cotton, cashmere and wool to suit your style and specifications - be it for work, a wedding, or if you’re simply after the perfect shirt.

Smart Casual

Not all occasions require rigid dress codes. If you’d like to look your best without compromising comfort, we offer relaxed tailoring that is versatile and suits a variety of occasions. A more laid-back sense of style is welcome here, and we love incorporating textural and tonal elements into our work to give you a renewed idea of what smart casual can look like.


When the occasion calls for something that is a step up from the everyday, we offer tailoring that brings elegance to your existing style. Cocktail attire calls for formal tailoring that exudes character - an opportunity to explore colour, pattern and texture in your choices.


We take the time to work with our clients to develop made-to-measure tailoring that incorporates the wearer’s lifestyle and needs as well as their specifications regarding fit. Formal attire isn’t often considered a comfortable and relaxed opportunity to express personal style, but we think that it should be.


Made for you.

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